HIV Activist Organizations


ACT UP Paris

Act Up-Paris a été fondé en 1989 en raison de l'ampleur de la menace représentée par le sida et la faiblesse de la lutte engagée par le gouvernement. L'association est indépendante des autres groupes Act Up. Act Up est une association de personnes affectées par le VIH qui voient dans le sida avant tout une question politique.

United States

AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition
ATAC is a national coalition of AIDS activists, many living with HIV/AIDS, working together to end the AIDS epidemic by advancing research and access in HIV/AIDS. Goals include encouraging greater and more effective involvement of people with HIV/AIDS in the decisions that affect their lives by identifying, mentoring and empowering treatment activists in all communities affected by the epidemic, and enabling treatment activists to speak with a united, powerful voice to provide meaningful input into issues concerning HIV disease and related complications and coinfections.


The Connecticut HIV Consumer Council

The mission of the HIV Consumer Council is to educate and increase understanding and awareness of who we are and to clarify HIV consumer issues. We are here to listen to the issues of persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and to be our own voice, to advocate for our own needs. We endeavor to identify gaps in HIV related services in the area, and will help address these gaps either in legislative or local arenas. We seek to represent the diversity of those infected with HIV and are here to support each other. Although we have many faces, we have one voice.

New York

ACTUP New York
ACT UP is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis. "Our Job is not to be invited to coffee or to schmooze at a cocktail party. Our Job is to make change happen as fast as possible and direct action works for that."

The Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP
CHAMP is a national initiative building a powerful community-based movement bridging HIV/AIDS, human rights, and struggles for social and economic justice. In an era in which HIV rates are rising and prevention efforts are under concerted attack, CHAMP mobilizes people living with HIV, community activists, researchers, academics and policy advocates in our country, and links them with allies around the world.